Chris Brewer Wins the 2023 EPT Paris €25,000 No-Restriction Hold’em (€357,180)

Almost 15 hours after the beginning of the second enormous purchase in challenge during the 2023 Poker Stars European Poker Visit Paris celebration, a champ has been delegated. After defeating Brazil’s Felipe Ketzer in a heads-up match, American poker pro Chris Brewer came out on top of the 44-entry field at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile.

Brewer took home a check for €357,180, while Ketzer had to settle for a consolation prize of €232,800 as they both shared the largest portion of the €1,034,880 prize pool. Daniel Dvoress, Nick Petrangelo, Ren Lin, and Orpen Kisacikoglu were also among the winners. Kayhan Mokri, who finished second in the initial €10,200 Mystery Bounty High Roller Event, emerged victorious.

When the tournament was nearing the money bubble

Brewer was unaffected by Conor Beresford’s subtle joke on the rail, when the Brit subtly pointed out the former track runner’s bad behavior in expensive high-equity situations. Brewer held the lead on multiple occasions during the latter stages of the tournament. In addition, he had proactively stayed away from a horrifying difficulty not long before the finish of the late enlistment time frame to overcome his revile.

Brewer was three-outed on the flop, but he flopped a one-outer himself to beat Andre Marques, winner of the €10,200 Mystery Bounty Event, in a crucial situation that set the tone for the rest of the night. From that point on, it wasn’t easy, especially for eventual runner-up Ketzer, who pulled several rabbits out of a hat by hitting multiple full houses against runners-up.

In the high-stakes competitions, Stephen Chidwick, Steve O’Dwyer, Alex Kulev, Pedro Garagnani, and Kannapong Thanarattrakul were among the usual suspects. They all gave up early and didn’t do anything in the frantic race to the money bubble. When the final two tables were set, Jean-Noel Thorel also succumbed to a fate that was very similar to that of Seth Davies, who went from one of the field’s largest stacks to the rail in just two hands.

Sam Grafton, the ambassador for Poker Stars, was as jovial and bubbly as ever, entertaining everyone present. The self-described “best player with a stack of six big blinds and less” repeatedly avoided elimination with a short stack, but in a duel of small pocket pairs, he lost to Brewer. Tauan Naves and Rui Neves Ferreira lost the vast majority of their chips to Ketzer, who entered the last table with the lead.

Before he bluffed off most of his chips and then jammed at the wrong time with a suited king, Tom Orpaz went through a roller coaster of a day. Brewer, who maintained his momentum, knocked out Brazil’s Bruno Volkmann. After successful bounty hunter Mokri failed, a tense bubble period dominated by highly sophisticated ICM and GTO implications followed.

Soon after Orpen Kisacikoglu became the first player to win a cash prize

The chip lead changed numerous times once the money was reached. With a double-up for Dvoress, Ren Lin’s “no gamble, no future” strategy backfired when he took over the top spot. After that, Brewer beat him out because his ace-fours couldn’t beat pocket kings, and it seemed like Brewer would win with more than half of the chips in play.

However, as part of a twisty conclusion that Ketzer bravely fought until the very end, it took several hours for that to happen. His downfall would come from a slow-playing pair of kings, but Brewer kept his cool despite numerous setbacks and made the most of them.

A day later, there will be a second edition of the €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em, and many of today’s participants will probably be back in action. The live reporting team will be back on the floor to provide updates on several marquee events, so keep an eye out for more high-stakes poker from the French capital.

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